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Because Bansaku pwnz j00 >D

Ahh, first set of icons in this community ;x 4 icons of our awesome and lovely bassist, Bansaku :D It's basically repeated things except one has text, one has no text...


1. 2. 3. 4.

Enjoy! I might make more later but we will see...
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♥ Bansaku!
i love the 2nd one/ teaser <3
Glad you liked it :D
Aww Bansa's fallen and he can't get up. :D
That's probably one of my favorite picture of Ban-san <3
My favorite is the one with his nekkid feet.
I'm weird.
oiya~ I made 6 icons ^o^

unfortunately, my compy is having a corinary and I am currently using my laptop >_
Oh how great! :DDD

Any type of contributions would be fine ^^
can i use some of those icons even though i have no idea who the people in 'em are? ^_^
Sure! I'm totally fine with it as long as you credit XP
just using it for xanga or something, poo-head XP
Still must credit, poo poo >;|
how? xanga entry? o.O

you're such a promo-hog, dear<3
Umm, sure? ;x

But hey, if you use it, people would think you are the one with the awesome PSP7 skills and no one wants that now do we... >.>>>>>>>
hey, i can have awesome PSP7 skills! i just don't have my PSP7 on me right now, sheesh~
Stop spamming the topic! >O

Sheesh XD
*spam spam SPAM* muahaha >:D
Ban! I noticed your icon (Fallen ban) xD and just loved it i was wondering if you were ganna let us gank em ! *_* so pretty
Hehe, I'm glad you liked them! X3